The Land of Dawn: How to Play as Roger

Folks in Mobile Legends fight it out in the Land of Dawn. Roger, the Dire Wolf Hunter, is one of the heroes that stands out in this fast-paced battle because he is quick, flexible, and really wants to get even. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about playing Roger, from how to choose the best build, emblem, and combos to how to master his skills. In the world of Mobile Legends, we go on an exciting journey with Roger, a dangerous werewolf who wants to get rid of other werewolves that are a threat. Get ready to let out your inner beast if you want to rule the fight.

The Land of Dawn: Don’t do anything—Full Moon’s Curse

When you play Mobile Legends, Roger can change into either a person or a dog. This makes him a very versatile hero. Attack speed things make hits stronger. Change into wolf form instead of human form to do more damage and slow down enemies.

The Land of Dawn: Beginning to Fight: The First Skill for Human Form

Roger’s first shot traps his enemies, and his second shot makes their barriers less strong. To get good aim with your skill shots, poke your enemies from a distance and line up the projectile. Full Moon Curse will be used when you hit with a basic move.

The Land of Dawn: The Steps of the Hunter is the second skill you can use as a human.

Get better movement and attack speed to cross gaps or get away from people who are after you. This is a good jungling tool that can quickly switch maps and help other lanes. You can kill someone by activating after the first skill.

Fully developed wolf transformation

As a wolf, you can charge at enemies to slow them down and hurt them. Turn into a dog to get faster, more agile, and safer. For an edge with two forms, use it at level one. When all of your human form skills are spent, use this to get the most out of it.

The Land of Dawn: Learn How to Become a Professional Hunter: Wolf Form Techniques

  • Lycan Pounce is the first skill you learn when you turn into a wolf.

As they charge at enemies, they turn into a monster that can’t be hit and deal burst damage. Kills or helps shorten the cooldown. After kiting and using your human form skills, hit hard. Run faster or hide from enemies.

  • Two-skill Wolf Form: Howl of Blood

Howling might help you hit faster and move faster when you’re up against an enemy with low health. Great for basic strikes that do damage. Always use Full Moon Curse to do the most damage.

Construction, icons, and sets that are very good

  • Build up

You should put attack speed things first if you want to do more damage. As you play, try out different things to see which ones work best for you and how the match goes.

  • A symbol

Choose the fighter symbol to do more damage and last longer. By leveling up your hero, you can make it do better generally.

  • Different sets
  • You can fight enemies from afar by using Open Fire.
  • Hunter’s Steps can be used to close the gap.
  • Lycan Pounce lets you attack enemies with low health and deal a burst of damage.
  • After that, use Bloodthirsty Howl to make your hits go faster.
  • Ways to help you reach your objectives
  • Smart farming in the beginning will help you get a head start on building your goods.
  • Work together with your team to reach your goals.
  • First, use your burst combos on weak enemies with low health.
  • Stay quick and smart about how you use form swaps in team fights.
  • Improve your kiting and skill shots to get pinpoint aim.

Roger is a fierce werewolf hunter in Mobile Legends. To rule the Land of Dawn with him, you’ll need to learn his skills. The best way to build him, his badge, and his combos.