LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: BABYMONSTER Takes Second

LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: BABYMONSTER Takes Second

We polled you for your opinions on the year’s top K-pop girl group on December 15th. And it The results LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023! Let’s jump into the thrilling realm of Korean pop music and find out which girl groups were the most popular in 2023.

LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: The Polls Are Heavily Favouring LE SSERAFIM

LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: BABYMONSTER Takes Second

The courageous girl group LE SSERAFIM from the HYBE label has won first place with an astounding 34% of the voting. Their distinct personalities and commanding stage presence have propelled them to the forefront of the K-pop industry.

LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: The Exciting World of BABYMONSTER

The new YG group BABYMONSTER is roaring in second place. Their single “Batter Up” and music video broke the record for most-viewed debut in K-pop history with 22.59 million views in 24 hours, even though they only debuted a few weeks ago.

Third Place Goes to NewJeans

Third place goes to NewJeans, a group that includes members of the fourth generation. With an unprecedented 35 weeks of continuous charting on the Billboard Global 200, their single “Hype Boy” has achieved musical history. They keep winning fans over with their diversified music style and girl-next-door persona.

G-IDLE: Your Reliable Companion

Among the most popular South Korean girl groups that have made an impact outside of the major record labels, (G)-IDLE takes fourth place.

NMIXX and aespa Finish in a Tied Fifth Position

Fifth place is shared by aespa, the group most known for popularising the idea of the metaverse, and NMIXX, a promising group signed to JYP Entertainment. Thanks to their individuality and skill, both ensembles have won over audiences.

ITZY and IVE: Separate Stars

There are two lower-ranking entities: ITZY and IVE. The renowned Rookie Grand Slam is just one of several honours bestowed upon the much-loved JYP group ITZY. In addition to their many accolades, the band IVE is well-known for its infectious music and messages of self-love.


The top winner, LE SSERAFIM, is signed to the same label as BTS. They embody courage and boldness in their group name, which is an anagram of “I’m fearless.” With the term “ANTIFRAGILE” as their motto, the group—which includes Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Hong Eunchae, and former member Kim Garam—shows how resilient they are. In honour of their debut anniversary, they have kindly provided fans with the song “UNFORGIVEN.”

LE SSERAFIM Best K-Pop 2023: Final Thoughts: Honouring K-Pop’s Variety

The year 2023 was a musical extravaganza in the K-pop industry. There has been no shortage of strong female groups that have contributed something special to the industry. As we can se from the fearlessness of LE SSERAFIM and BABYMONSTER to the longevity of NewJeans and (G)-IDLE. Let us not stop honouring the variety and originality that have made K-pop a worldwide sensation as we near the end of the year.